Low Loader Tarp Curtain Trucks – The Number and the Diversity Are an Important Hint Regarding the Quality and Capability of a Freight Forwarder All Over Germany and in Europe! Rüdinger Is a Europe Market Leader*!


The low loader tarp curtain truck is – maybe –  a real new term for you regarding trucks in the Europe freight forwarding industry offering services for companies from overseas. And why is that so? Because – at least in the United States of America and probably in many nations on the planet – companies and folks never heard about such a low loader tarp curtain truck. This term is so unknown, that it seems you might not even find one more freight forwarder that offers these kinds of trucks. Of course, Rüdinger is not the only freight forwarder in Germany, to operate those vehicles. But others call them "sliding curtain truck", or "retractable load covering trailer", "flatbed trailer", "curtain side trailers",  Or – with just a little change – "low loader tarp curtain trailers", if you will, as the towing vehicle is actually not provided with any tarp. So Rüdinger has invented this term or at least reinvented it. But actually not just the term... go on reading, please.




This is no low loader tarp curtain truck. It is a truck, how they are common in the US. The towing vehicle plus a "box on wheels". These are the trucks on North American interstates and highways. And – you are right – sometimes even in neighborhood areas, too. And yes ... it is no low loader truck, too.




A low loader tarp curtain truck. Regarding the star in the headline of this page (*): With some 100 of a total of 200 vehicles, Rüdinger is the market leader with such vehicles in Europe, when it comes to the number of trucks and the specific qualities of the general offer, plus the operation by a family-owned freight forwarder company. Roland Rüdinger is the owner of this freight forwarder company in the 3rd generation. The enterprise is established more than 80 years ago. The result is a combined experience of 3 generations.

Actually, Roland Rüdinger Invented the Low Loader Tarp Curtain Truck Together with the Truck Producing Industry – No Kidding!


Rüdinger Freight Forwarder Germany is an enterprise in the third generation. In the 1990s Roland Rüdinger did not only overtake the management of this freight forwarder company, but he was also very interested to specify the oncoming trucks – and this is still today an ongoing process – together with the truck producing industry, to provide even better trucks for the transportation of machines, XXL machines, and plant constructions. This is an ongoing process both, the expertise and the experience by the demand of new customers and existing customers with new products and the feedback from many own truck drivers, Rüdinger Freight Forwarder provides a parallel perfectionism with its low loader tarp curtain trucks. Rüdinger even tried to protect the term of "low loader tarp curtain truck", which in German is Planentieflader (1 word instead of 5), but that didn't work out. In Germany "Planentieflader" is an established term. Read in the coming paragraph, what a low loader tarp curtain truck is. 

A Perfect Crossing Between a Flatbed Trailer and a Tarp Curtain Trailer 



It is firstly a convenient handling to open the loading area and after that: a convenient load. A big plant on a Rüdinger low loader tarp curtain truck.




The webmaster of this website is an America lover and that is the reason, why you find another American truck here on this page about low loader tarp curtain trucks. Of course, the vehicle above is none. It is a "box on wheels", very seldom on German Autobahns. Of course, this truck in the picture above is no low loader vehicle, too. By the way, such a box is called a "suitcase" in Germany.



Actually, there is no reason, why there are 95 percent low loader tarp curtain trucks and just 5 percent trailers with a box in Germany. Compared to some 100 percent trucks with a box in the US. Roland Rüdinger points out, that in Great Britain. 




Clearly visible: the tarp curtain in an open position. Rüdinger was one of the first freight forwarders all over the world to offer such vehicle, perfect to transport machines, plants, general XXL goods, busses in particular and vehicles in general.




A final photo of a US truck with no tarp curtain on a website page about low loader tarp curtain trucks. Again there is a difference, like in the picture with the US truck above: it is no low loader trailer as well.




A fleet of 100 low loader tarp curtain trucks alone is the offer for the machine industry and the plant engineering industry ... besides many more customers beyond these sections. These 100 out of 200 trucks come in many different options. The perfect low loader tarp curtain truck for each challenge ... that is the motto of your freight forwarder in Germany ... Rüdinger Freight Forwarder Germany. Are any questions left? What are you waiting for? Just call or send us an e-mail.





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