Logistics 4.0 at Freight Forwarder Rüdinger


Our digitization strategy provides you with end-to-end transparency – from price inquiry to pick-up to notification and delivery.


Web Price Inquiry and Web Order Entry


Already the price inquiry can be made by our customers directly on-site in our web portal. For piece-goods inquiries, the price information is available immediately. As soon as this offer is accepted and confirmed, an order is generated. It may be necessary to add order details. If the shipment data is changed, the offer price is automatically adjusted. After placing the order, our customer is always precisely informed about the status overview where the goods are located. The delivery receipt is available online for download after delivery. 




Consistent transparency from the price inquiry to delivery.

No waiting time for information and so there is no valuable time lost.

Immediate price information after price inquiry or order entry, even outside business hours.

Real-time transfer of the data into our system and further processing.

Labeling of the goods is possible immediately after order entry.

More efficient control of shipping invoices.

Direct allocation of forwarding costs to individual orders.

Shipment information can also be called up later.


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Entry at the customer.




Digital editing by the driver.

Video Documented Loading Process



Seamless documentation of the entire flow of goods.




Video documentation at the handling in Krautheim.

Laser-Controlled Measuring and Weighing System "Apache“


Digital inspection of incoming goods = measurement of the packages: length, width, height, weight + 2 photos.

Automatic transfer to the package data of our forwarding software.

In the case of deviation, an e-mail is sent to the client.

The measurement result and the current routing is printed on a new package label.

Accurate data leads to better tour planning, perfect loading, and correct billing.



„Apache“ in action.

Orange Transparency With Rüdinger Trucks: GPS-Controlled Fleet Management System


All our procedures and processes are comprehensively digitally networked and directly linked to the analog, physical world of our vehicles. The advantage for our customers:


Vehicle location in real-time and tracking.

Order transmission and feedback.

Data transfer to navigation system and mobile phone for notification.

Estimated Time of Arrival


Our customer decides which information he gets, which we can provide with our concept of the Rüdinger Logistik 4.0:


Real-time information about the arrival time of the truck for loading or unloading.

Real-time tracking of the track data of the vehicle.

Increased efficiency through better planning.

Digital Waybill and Packaging Note


Our digital processes offer complete handling, from the price inquiry to the invoice. Prerequisite: all parties involved doing there parts. On request, we can send the delivery receipt / proof of delivery immediately after the electronic signature for information to the recipient or other authorized parties.


Paperless delivery.

Dispatch of the receipt immediately after signature, upon collection and delivery.

Advantage: Efficiency increase in incoming goods, saving time and costs.






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