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In the streamlining of logistics processes in companies, we as a logistics service provider specialize in taking over services along the process chain of our customers. By outsourcing logistics, efficiency gains can be achieved right from the start and resources can be used for the core business.


Our Rüdinger all-round logistics service offers several options for logistics outsourcing. Tailored to your needs, our service modules can be perfectly integrated along the process chain of our customers:

Customs clearance

Management and implementation of the entire logistics chain worldwide

The takeover of the shipping department and/or goods arrival

Your Company Internal Transport

Production and distribution warehouse

Import and export warehouse incl. container loading





Relief of staff capacities

More efficiency in the entire logistics process

Shifting of problem solutions to specialists

Release of resources for the core business

Using professional knowledge and experience

Vehicle fleet always up to date

Flexible storage capacity adapts to the business situation

Outsourcing of Logistics Services With This Freight Forwarder in 6 Areas



Company internal transport vehicles for awning delivery.




Navigation/registration of third-party transportation companies; road, air, and sea

Packaging and allocation of goods

Physical distribution from the ramp, with a forklift or by crane. All come with our responsibility of securing your goods

Incoming goods:

Entering on delivery slips plus checking the numbers

Physical goods receiving. Unloading of delivery vehicles, handling at final destinations or stock houses

Warehouse Logistics:

Supervision of storage house.

Leasing of storage space: block storage, shelf storage, and crane storage

Storage and removal, both physical and administration

Distribution storage – goods receipt storage  – semi-finished product storage

Customs Department:

Issuing of export attendance documents

Import custom

Preferences and more

Customs storage, T1 documents

Factory traffic:

Trucks for delivery tours, finishing transportation, as well as a special technique.

"Firefighting runs"

Logistics consulting



"Wiesel" - interchangeable lifting truck.




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