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Sea Freight and Container Transport With Rüdinger Freight Forwarder in Germany


Sea Freight – To the Point


Organization of worldwide transportation including necessary storage

Cache storage for containers at our storage location in Boxberg

Intercontinental Air Freight: Secure With Rüdinger Freight Forwarder


We organize intercontinental transports by air freight and sea freight. With our own air freight office at Stuttgart airport and the sea freight office in Hamburg, our experts are directly on site. We deploy the specialists in the respective shipping area for you in order to achieve optimum performance. For air freight, we are certified as a regulated agent.


We offer our own bundled pre- and on-carriage services to and from the seaports. We are doing daily trips with our container chassis to Hamburg. Our service portfolio includes worldwide FCL and LCL transports. From Mainport China we provide our own LCL groupage containers. In addition, we offer oversized transport on flatrack as well as the transport of moving goods by RoRo ship.


In our warehouses, we offer container loading or unloading plus buffer storage. Because in the environment of long sea freight routes buffer storage is often required.


We are a member of FIATA. This is an international federation of the freight forwarder organizations. The goal: to promote and protect the interests of this industry worldwide. We are also a member of the network Connecting 5 Continents C5C, founded in 2007. C5C is a quality logistics network of freight forwarders with high-quality standards.


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No, the final part of our transportation job is what we don't do on such ships: the Skyline of Hong Kong.

Sea Freight With the Perfect Packaging


For the seaports, we offer our own, bundled pre-carriage and post-carriage. There are daily trips to and from Hamburg.



Standardized Packaging:


Crates, boxes, transportation bottoms

Corrosion protection, special foils, hazardous goods packaging

Rüdinger Seaport Office Hamburg


One Stop Shopping

Intermodal planning and control of transports

Link to overseas in the supply chain

Communication with overseas

Packing on site, stowing

Great sea freight know-how for all types of goods

Coordination of the trimodal network via the Europe north and west ports


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A jewel in Hamburg since 2017: the new "Elbphilharmonie", an architectural piece of art.

Container Transportation – To the Point


Rüdinger also transports containers with own vehicles. Of course, Rüdinger has the matching chassis for the transport of standardized ISO containers. Multi-chassis can carry both 30-feet containers and 40-feet containers. Our two latest container chassis are not only new but with an extremely low container carry-on height of 1.05 meters, which is 3.4 feet. With that feature, we are permitted to operate "open-top-containers" with an excess height of up to 12 feet without special approval. Gentle transportation is guaranteed with this latest innovation. An air suspension guarantees the most diligent operation.



Container transportation, one of the segments that Rüdinger Freight Forwarder Germany offers.




Container transports with own chassis.

Container Transportation With Our Trucks – Container Transportation by Rail


Rüdinger does not only offer container transportation with its own trucks. You can also transport your containers with Rüdinger by rail, In the multi-modal traffic, with powerful partners, we deliver your containers punctually all over the world. There are only the most thoroughly selected partners, which we confide your valuable goods – in containers – for onward transportation. GPS tracking makes it possible, to locate the whereabouts of your construction plants and machines and all further goods. Just ask us for rates for such container transportation.



Container transportation and container loading and unloading. Both are what Rüdinger does with diligence.

The Most Efficient Way, to Transport Containers on Weekends


We recommend as well the most efficient way for your container transportation: by rail, with distances of more than 300 kilometers, which is 186 miles, plus to accomplish an unfavorable appointment, because by rail neither rest periods, nor a Sunday driving ban exists. Alternatively, we transport your goods with our own trucks to the harbor. Rüdinger is flexible. shortest possible loading and discharge are one more advantage, which makes container transportation with us an advantage.



We do not just transport containers ... we load and unload them, too. Plus we would love to advise you all around this segment. 




Regarding container transportation: it's not really true that Rüdinger operates orange and blue containers like in the next but one picture, further below on this page.

Rüdinger Stows Before Container Transport


Rüdinger also stows your containers. And that is true in Boxberg, in Osterburken, and in Dörzbach as well. Plus we are capable, to handle containers with 3 cranes at the above-mentioned locations. We even provide the complete dismounting and re-set-up of whole construction plants and our offer stretches to the transportation of very sensible special containers, how they are needed for machines and plants in science projects.



Container transportation ... and off to Hamburg!


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Not really: there are no such pretty orange containers with the Rüdinger logo, with which we transport your valuable goods over the oceans.





You can find us here:


Uferweg 12

74238 Krautheim


Phone: +49 6294 908 - 0

Fax: +49 6294 9239


Our Airport Office (STR):


Building 605, Room 4305
70629 Stuttgart-Airport


Phone: +49 711 948-2290

Hamburg Branch:


An den Birken 20

21266 Jesteburg


Phone: +49 4181 2323-320
Fax: +49 4181 2323-317

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