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The Top Class of Freight Forwarding: We Are Machine Transport Experts and Plant Engineering Specialists ... Also Available in XXL Format


Our low loader tarp curtain trucks are ideal for extra-wide and/or extra-high machine transport. The decisive advantage: no over tarp is necessary! With 50 specially developed low loader tarp curtain trucks, we are the leading specialist freight forwarder. Low loader tarp curtain trucks are flexible and adaptable.



Machine transport and machine transport XXL – to the point


Easy and fast loading only 15 minutes each for opening and closing thanks to sliding roof, sliding curtain, lifting roof and extendable tarpaulin frame

100% weatherproof transport

Machines can also be loaded unpacked

In the case of an inclined saddle truck: continuous floor, no step

Short term availability

Easy loading of dismantled parts switch cabinets, attachments, etc.

Gentle transport of high-quality machines, Plant engineering equipment, ventilation Devices, etc.

Constant innovation in workflows, technology solutions, and vehicles

Individual vehicle adaptation matching the machines and loading situation
Highest competence in load securing - transportation - warehouses - packaging
Certified to DIN-ISO 9001:2015 and DIN-ISO 14001: 2015 Documentation for maximum safety - office, vehicle fleet, and machinery warehouses

permanent permits for 3 m width to Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Luxembourg, and Poland



The low loader tarp curtain truck is good for machine transport up to 6.00 meters (19.7 feet) wide and up to 4.10 meters (13.5 feet) high. The length of a machine can be up to 16.60 meters (54.5 feet).



Machine Transport, Machine Transport XXL, Machine logistics, Transports for Plant Engineering 


Rüdinger is one of the market leaders in Europe
We transport machines with 100 special trucks
As a big freight forwarder, we provide more experts
Ideal for extra wide and extra high goods
Only low loader tarp curtain trucks offer absolutely weather-protected transport
Extreme loading dimensions: Loading height under tarpaulin up to 4.10 meters (13.5 feet), length up to 16.60 meters  (54.5 feet)., width up to 6.00 meters (19.7 feet)  
Loading and unloading with a forklift or 32-ton crane system
3 crane warehouses for storage, test run, etc.



We are specialists in machine transport. Small machines, large machines and, of course, in XXL format - with Rüdinger Spedition you are engaging a partner with decades of experience in handling highly sensitive goods.

Low Loader Tarp Curtain Trucks: The Perfect Combination of Low Loader and Tarp Curtain Trucks


The freight forwarding company in Germany, which offers the most of low loader tarp curtain trucks in its fleet, consequently has the most experience in handling overheight and overwide machine transportation. You profit from this experience as well as from the equipment,  the equipment, namely our low loader tarp curtain trucks.



Trucks that we are proud of at the Rüdinger freigth forwarding company. 




Your machine transport with Rüdinger begins many months earlier: when optimizing a new truck generation at the vehicle manufacturer.

Low Loader Tarp Curtain Trucks for Machine Transportation Are Our Passion


For machine transport, the low loader tarp curtain truck is the ideal combination of two vehicle types. Low loader tarp curtain trucks are ideal for transporting extra-wide machines, for extra-high machines and for machines that are both extra-high and extra-wide at the same time.


Rüdinger Spedition was involved in the development of this type of vehicle from an early stage. From the idea to constant optimization up to the current standard of the low loader tarp curtain truck. Very close cooperation with the truck manufacturers and 50 low loader tarp curtain trucks developed with the help of us, we are one of the leading owner-operated forwarding companies in Germany.




Rüdinger Freight Forwarder Germany is one of the market leaders in Europe when it comes to transportation of machines and construction engineering.








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