Matching Our Logistics 4.0: The Rüdinger Narrow Aisle Forklift



Innovations are making their way into more and more places within Rüdinger freight forwarders. Obviously and invisibly for many of our customers. Narrow-aisle forklifts are such innovations. With them, the freight forwarder in Hohenlohe, one of the most innovative in Baden-Württemberg, is raising its claim to be a leader in the discipline of Logistics 4.0.


More safety is the essential factor. With three different detection fields, such a forklift prevents accidents with employees in the warehouse. Track-based forced guidance – Rüdinger uses inductive guidance – prevents accidents caused by control errors. This also reduces accident rates even further and also protects your goods in increasingly narrow aisles.


When it comes to energy, Logistics 4.0 significantly optimizes the environmental balance: Brake energy and energy released when the lift mast is lowered are fed directly back into the battery in a highly innovative way. This optimizes the environmental balance with every additional narrow-aisle forklift used and reduces the ecological footprint of our freight forwarder. Our contribution to sustainable environmental protection through Logistics 4.0.


Finally, the compact design of the narrow-aisle forklift enables it to be used optimally, but – due to the forced guidance – without slowing down, in very narrow aisles of only 1.80 meters in width. Due to a very low center of gravity of the vehicle, loads of up to 1.2 tons can be lifted to a height of 10 meters.


The special feature of the Rüdinger freight forwarder in Hohenlohe is that new halls are constantly being built – year after year – and not only one by one, but even several at a time. This means that more forklifts are being used, of course modern equipment that fits into today's "Logistics 4.0 scenario". Compared to the same range of warehouses offered by the competition, new warehouses mean: more innovative narrow-aisle forklifts, more Logistics 4.0.



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