Rüdinger VMI Storage for Non-Resident Clients


Rüdinger’s professionals step in, as soon as your freight arrives in Europe, either by sea freight or by air freight. We operate an ocean freight office in Hamburg which coordinates cargo arriving at the so-called Western Europe seaports. For air freight, we run an office at Stuttgart Airport (STR) that coordinates with all other German airports as well.

Rüdinger operates the latest generation trucks which meet the highest environmental standards. Our fleet comprises vehicles that are designed for regular LCL cargo, up to special equipment capable of handling oversized machines and plants. 200 of our own vehicles are to be found all over Germany and Europe doing their job delivering and collecting freight each and every day.

Rüdinger provides all aspects of full customs brokerage service, and we are AEO licensed.

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Rüdinger is your powerful partner in Germany when it comes to VMI. No matter where you are "home" in the world: as soon as your goods arrive in Germany, either via sea freight or via air freight, Rüdinger is ready to arrange fast and careful transportation to our warehouses. Which does not mean that we are not able or willing to arrange transportation to our warehouses even as soon as from anywhere in the world. Both by sea freight and by air freight, as well.



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What counts even more: Rüdinger is your reliable partner. We care about your goods, we don't just transport and handle them.




We provide 180 company-owned vehicles to carry all kinds of cargo. We are ready to pick up merchandise, as soon as it arrives in Germany or Europe.

Our AEO “F” certificate provides a high level of quality in customs issues as well as a high level of security standards.


Rüdinger offers a total of 100,000 square meters (... more than 1,076,391 sq. ft.) of storage area, heated as well as unheated; with ground floor block space as well as shelving. These storage areas are spread over 4 locations within the immediate neighborhood of our main location which is Krautheim. However, just as important are our locations in Boxberg and Osterburken. Both of these locations are immediately accessible from the Autobahn A81, amongst others, connecting the main cities of Stuttgart, approximately 75 km south of our headquarters, and Würzburg, some 65 km north of Krautheim. The location in Boxberg additionally is equipped with all kinds of heavy lifting equipment including a 32-ton double claw overhead crane, which can handle heavy and oversized machines and plants.

Rüdinger specializes in repacking, commissioning, short term and long term storage connected with and without distribution.  State of the art measuring and scaling equipment (APACHE) is in use for recording accurate pallet weight and dimension details to ensure correct shipment data. We utilize all kinds of fork lifting equipment, including a narrow gauge for narrow shelving to ensure maximum space utilization, up to heavy lift equipment.

We are professionals, and although our company is located in a rural area, it is still close enough to major cities such as Stuttgart with its automotive industry or Würzburg, Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt, which can all be reached within 90 minutes of driving time. As our customer, you will have the advantage of moderate pricing in all aspects of our service. The combination of a family operated company and an owner who is renowned for being close to both customers and employees creates a perfect working environment which leaves plenty of room for innovation and attention to customer demands.

Rüdinger cares about its customers and listens to their needs ... we customize solutions. 


We care about our customers and listen to your needs.




The Rüdinger headquarters in rural Krautheim, Hohenlohe, Southern Germany.

When connecting with Rüdinger's own fleet of 180 of the most modern vehicles, we are your perfect partner for connected distribution within Germany and Europe. Our location, even though we are located in Southern Germany, is very central in Germany. Further, it is close to Austria (5 hours), Italy (8 hours) and Switzerland (4 hours).

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us prepare a solution customized to your specific needs. We will be pleased to be of service to you and your company.

Turn your problem into our problem, and we will be happy to solve it and present a solution!


Rüdinger is your perfect logistics partner when it comes to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). Rüdinger presently operates four storage facilities close to the Autobahn.




Reliability is what counts most in a relationship with Rüdinger Freight Forwarder Germany.





You can find us here:


Uferweg 12

74238 Krautheim


Phone: +49 6294 908 - 0

Fax: +49 6294 9239


Our Airport Office (STR):


Building 605, Room 4305
70629 Stuttgart-Airport


Phone: +49 711 948-2290

Hamburg Branch:


An den Birken 20

21266 Jesteburg


Phone: +49 4181 2323-320
Fax: +49 4181 2323-317

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